Sehr gern modern
Maruša Sagadin
2 pgs., 320 mm × 460 mm, 2010

The poster announces the solo exhibition of Maruša Sagadin at ›Galerie 5020‹, Salzburg as well as is serving as a requisite for her video-work: ›Sehr gern modern‹.

»Sagadin’s approach is an artistic method of criticism, a criticism of architecture, modernism, and the mechanisms of capitalism. This criticism is a reoccurring theme throughout her work. In her video ›Sehr gern modern‹ (2010), she pursues this criticism by means of hyperbole and comedy. Assuming a fictional persona, the artist stands before a green wall and gives a speech in which she threatens to talk only about herself, while promising that it will pertain to everyone. The exaggerated imitation of political rhetoric (a mayor’s speech) in combination with an architect’s megalomania culminates in an absurd mix of fantasies of omnipotence. ›Everything that you see here, I built,‹ Sagadin proclaims. ›The department store with its well-lit underground parking garage, the Museum der Moderne, the ›A1‹ shop, the row houses, the cobblestones at the entrance, the logo, the ›Mozartkugel‹, the interactive fountain, the accessible interface, the new community center, etc. Es ist pastellig und gesellig, modern und deshalb haben wir es gern [It is pastel and sociable, modern, and that’s why we like it].‹«*


* Christiane Erharter: Big Foot in High Heels. In: Maruša Sagadin: ©MMXV. Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien/Nürnberg, 2015, p. 43


© Maruša Sagadin – Sehr gern modern, 2010