Maruša Sagadin
176 pgs., 170 × 235 mm, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2015

Maruša Sagadin’s oeuvre hinges on questioning the semiotic systems and formal vocabulary not only of Pop architecture but also of subcultures. The acts of reading and re-reading the systems and the associated freedom repeatedly crop up in the artist’s work in ever new guises, sometimes as installations, sometimes as performance-based interventions, as text-based collages and as posters.

This monograph assembles seven selected installations dating from between 2009 and 2014, accompanied by a large number of photographs, sketches and video stills. In the book the lyrics of both her installations and her performance text/sound work are documented in writing and translated into English.

Additional essays by Christiane Erharter, Dirck Möllmann and Astrid Wagner on Sagadin’s work and the topics she addresses frame the visual narration that unfolds in this book.

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