A Short Piece of Distance
Eva Engelbert, Christian Hoffelner
published in: Oliver Klimpel – The Visual Event, 150 × 220 mm, Spector Books, 2014

Hans Kupelwieser – K-Effect, 2007
High-grade steel, polished, engine
∅ 110 cm


Please start off at:


Yellow cup.
It’s filled with water.

We turn, you turn.
No turn.

The mystically rotating mirror by the artist Hans Kupelwieser is a questionable object. Our feet are loosing weight.

»However the form of the mirror is parabolic, kind of?« E. asks.
»More precisely: its form is built up by two twisted curves (sections of a cylinder).« H. responds.

H. stops the mirror.

»Keep an eye on the mark,« he says.
»The image inside the mirror is rotating twice as fast, as the physical movement of the plate.«

The unknown object on the wall starts irritating again.
It’s moving kind of gently.

The more distant reflections inside the kinetic-ocular start circling.
The cup. Still full.

Hands down.


The Austrian artist Hans Kupelwieser discovered a visual phenomenon, which wasn’t previously known, and investigated it through the work on this specific sculpture.